Parish Staff

Salesians of Don Bosco

Fr. Richard Alejunas, SDB, Pastor  

Fr. James Berning, SDB

Fr. Krzysztof Cepil, SDB

Fr. Paul Chu, SDB

Fr. Juan Pablo Rubio, SDB

Fr. David Sajdak, SDB




Deacon / Diácono Victor Moreno

Deacon / Diácono Simón Anguiano 

Deacon / Diácono Orlando Perez

Faith Formation/Religious Education

Felicitas Santillan,  DRE

Rosy Mora Salazar, Office Manager

Marcela Guerrero, Weekened Secretary

Parish Office/Rectory

Rosa Mata, Parish Secretary

Evelyn Acevedo, Communications 

Nohemi Garcia,  Business Manager

Juanita Hernandez, Bookeeper

Angela Madrid, Housekeeping




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